Below you will find several interactive discussion/argument areas where you may post articles,  reply to them,  yip and yell.   No holds barred,  language is personal preference.  Please note:  The messages boards were reset because of posting errors that started to occur on the server.  You will see what I mean in some of the messages.....They are all readable,  but some have multiple threads in them.  The date ranges are from 2001-2005.

Imports VS. Domestics      Ford VS. Chevy      Go Fast Parts For Sale

Mopar VS. The World      The Local Scenes


These are even older message boards....They go from 1997-2001

The Street Racing Scene---Where to Spectate Or Participate.

The Import Vs. Domestic Debate---Which One And Why Not?

The Ford Vs. Chevy Debate---Need I Say More?

Mopar Vs. The World---Attitude Vs. Sanity

Even Older Historical postings