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Re: stangs v.s. imports  ...Rx-7s yes,  stock civics NOOOOO!

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From: aadi
Date: 3/13/2007
Time: 2:40:47 AM
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From: ZuluPrince
Date: 7/9/01
Time: 6:03:11 PM
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Yes, I put my money on a "stock" Rx-7 beating a "stock 1994" mustang.

On the flip side. 1987-1993 5.0 LX (some "stock)mustangs are capable of running your Rx-7's number. It's not unheard of.

1994 up until the 260hp mustangs kinda slipped in the "Drag performance" department. They're A LOT more vunerable....in my opion.

I think you would beat a new stang..but you will need to on your game. A slight mistake on your behalf could be costly.... Again... I am talking "stock" vs "stock".

But, I'm not so sure thats comparing apples with apples. I thought the Rx-7 is suppose to be on another level? Direct competitor to the "Vette". The Z06 simply rocks your dome in that one....

No disrespect or anything, cause I like the Rx-7!

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