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I'll buy a Japanese Car - Never, Never, Never!!!

From: Oakland, CA
Date: 8/31/01
Time: 8:27:31 PM
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The only decent looking Japanese car is the Acura NSX, but for the money I can get a Viper and absolutely demolish that 6-cylinder tin can. All other Japanese cars have the worst damn design! Have you seen Japanese architecture? Horrid, they cannot design a friggin' bread box let alone a car. The Italians and Germans at least have good designs! Corvette is sleek and muscular, but the Mitsubishi 3000GT looks like some body went to Toys R' Us and decided to slap on a hundred plastic pieces at the final assembly stage.

I'm sick of seeing our beautiful American roads littered with these foreign pieces of shit. Give it up sell-outs, you're not impressing any one with your ability to trun your back on your home country.

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