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enough with all this nonsense

From: jcooley
Date: 9/9/01
Time: 3:02:52 AM
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Look this whole argument is completly out of control. I mean this false opinions being thrown around on this forum. Please people just look at the numbers. Yea I'm sure alot of your integras and civics can smoke a stock mustang, camero and maybe even corvettes. but now your comparing a highly modified car to a completely stock one what about when that camero is modified also then what. ok heres some facts using 2 cars I've been hearing alot of talk about on this forum. in the red corner the acura integra type-r is $24,930 has 195hp 130ft/lbs of torque and weighs in at 2639lbs giving it a power to weight ratio of 13.53lbs per HP. It does 0-60 in 6.2sec the 1/4mile in 14.9sec and has a top speed of 133mph. In the blue corner we have the camero z28 $22,870 with 310hp 340ft/lbs of torque weighing 3306lbs for a power to weight ratio of 10.17lbs per HP. It does 0-60 in 5.2 sec 1/4 mile in 13.8 sec and has a governed top speed of 158mph. Ok so bone stock the winner is obvious the z28 is cheeper more powerful and faster. But were talking modified cars here so lets do some modifing. lets start with the z28 we'll do 4 things to this car all bolt on and can be completed over one weekend and none will efect streetability. first a borla 2.5" exaust system costing $962 and adding 20hp 2nd a k&n filtercharger system at $197 and adding 10hp next a BBK throttle body at $320 adding 10hp and last a procharger intercooled supercharger system at $4349 adding 44% more horspower for a total of 505Hp for a total cost of $28,510 with the car and modifications and a new power to weight ratio of 6.54lb per hp. Now for the integra type-r well do 6 mods to this car and it will take several weekends of work. 1) Weapon-R tube style air intake $165 10hp 2) KS hyper cat back exaust $650 20hp 3) dc sports stainless header for type-r $842 15hp 4) STR Airmax pro drag intake manifold $1047 25hp 5) holly billet throttle body $374 10hp 6) Jackson racing supercharger system $2845 40% hp increse for a total of 407HP and $30,835 and a new power to weight ratio of 6.85lbs per HP now as you can see the cars are verry close in power to weight ratio which more than anything will determin the winner in a drag race the camero has a slight advantage though cost less to get there and had to have less work done to it if you add the cost of labor the camero would be alot less expensive so the winner is the Camero. But hey imports can be excelent performance cars too ass we've seen with how close the numbers are. I myself own a 94 3000gt that runs in the low 10's but i've had to put over 80k to getthere I love imports there a big challenge but face it guys it takes alot more money and work to get our cars to keep up with the american cars. I mean I could build a 69 camero with a big block that would do 10's for 25,ooo the old saying theres no substitute for cubic inches will always hold true and you import guys need to just face it the fastest imports in the world run 8's v8 powerd top fuels run 4's even full bodied nhra pro mod cars with ford and chevy v8's run sixes american cars with big v8's are just faster sorry to burst all your bubbles but hey it doesn't mean we cant stop loving our imports and making them as fast as we can just don't hate congragulate

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