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Re: All Domestics SUCK !!!!!!

From: deathlord
Date: 9/10/01
Time: 2:09:10 PM
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imports are 4 pussies i went on like 3 import sites n all the videos of your cars beating american cars are lame the were all on the highway starting at like 80 mph.....hahahahaha thats a joke thats not drag racing youll get spanked fuck the "supra" 2 its a pussy ass car a wannabe corvette just not nearly as fast untill like 4000 is sunk into it fuk imports old muscle is were its at......howmuch horsepower can an import produce?its only a 4 or a 6 so it cant be that much n all this talk abought the most hp. on the street a twin turbo supra w/850 hp u can make up to 2300 hp on that same gas pussies w an usa v8 so lick the nuts

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