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Re: all DOMESTIC queers, READ.

From: Memphis
Date: 10/24/01
Time: 11:54:19 AM
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Hey fag, i have been reading your article and uh well frankly you are about the most uneducated person on cars I know. quick question. whats the top speed in race? what kind of engine did they have? ya V8! not "inline 4" haha. or v6 or what ever the fuck. I bet you anything. If you went and bought a stock anything with 6 or 4 cylinders. and i went out and bought a stock v8. I would woopthe shit out of you. My friend has a completely stock 84 monte, and he raced a 2000 siR v-tech, and the SiR had over 20 g's in it. and my friend won. ask me how? and the honda had nos too. so ya. fag keep talkin shit. or we will all put you in your Chinese wonderland full of butt ass raping slant eyes. ;) later bitch

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