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Re: what 5 sec run? all it said were high 6 sec runs....wtf are y...

From: Got Rice?
Date: 1/13/02
Time: 6:41:31 PM
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This is thee last time I can help your retarded ass out. I have in my hand a poster which I got from Houston Raceway park back in Oct of '99 that celebrates Larry McBride being the 1st bike in the 5's. Since then he bettered him self from that 5.93 down to a 5.89. Call up Pingel Ent. (608-339-7999) if your dumbass still doesn't believe it since they are one of his biggest sponsors. Your either deaf, dumb and blind or all of the above-which doesn't surprise me, since all you peter puffers have suffered some sort of brain damage from cutting of the oxygen to your brain while deep throating each other while at the same time trying to shout out "I Love V-8's". You my freind don't know shit about bikes---So shut the fuck up. Lets get back to car shit now!

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