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bikes vs cars

From: Tom Mika
Date: 2/7/02
Time: 2:16:41 PM
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i can see that my message has created a new debate line in this site, i never implied that bikes are faster than cars in my messages, quite the opposite, only that i wanted to race some of you car drivers to find out, why does that upset so many people? if a street bike hapens to be faster than a car is due to the power to wieght relation, thatīs obvious. Bike riders ride bikes because they enjoy them instead of a car, is that hard to understand, on the other side we all use the same tarmac so itīs natural that someone remembers to check out if bikes are really that faster in the real world, the one thatīs not made of power ratios and numbers, are you chicken, youīve got no reason to, if youīre not, why responding so violently?

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