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my 502 impala

From: riceeater311
Date: 2/13/02
Time: 7:19:38 PM
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listen up all you import fags.I just dropped in a 502 in my 66 impala and it'll rip any import 5 new ones.it ran a 10.32 and it weighs about 3800 pounds and puts out about 565 hp at the wheels.i'll smoke any dickhead import car wether its a gay ass supra, or even some faggot ass skyline.those goddamn gtr's are so weak.I dont know why 280 hp excites you jap lovers.Why dont you support america, or better yet, move your chink asses to japland where you'll be more appreciated.if you aint gonna support america, you might just as well be living with bin laden.fuck all you US haters.american iron will always continue to smoke anything those ugly ass japs will shit out and shove in our faces.

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