1955 Chevrolet 210 Handyman


This was taken the day I towed it home. I did a little work on it and drove it for a couple of years.
I've converted to disk brakes. 71 Chevelle rotors bolt right on to the
factory spindles. Classic Chevy in Orlando provided the brackets for the
calipers. Power booster and master cylinder are from a 79 Pontiac Firebird.
No need for high dollar brake conversion kits. Power steering gearbox is a GM
605, modified as per Classic Chevy instructions.
The factory floorpans and rocker panels were replaced.
'69 Camaro seat pans and center tunnel are welded over factory floors.
'69 Camaro seats and console will be used. '67 Camaro steering column is also
a very easy conversion and will be used.
Side mounts were fabricated and a '69 Camaro trans crossmember fits very
nicely. These are still available from Chevrolet.
Getting the body back onto the frame wasn't as bad as I thought. This is about where it is now. Still under construction. If you feel up
to it, I'll keep you posted.
This was taken the day I towed it home. I did a little work on it and drove it for a couple of years.
Fresh from paint. In the garage having headliner installed.  Is that a hydraulic scissor lift I see?
5.0 TPI motor out of a Z/28 5.0 TPI motor and 700R4 tranny.
AC unit mounted,  headliner being installed. Fabricated roof brace/support for AC Unit
AC Unit and headliner installed. View from the tailgate
Interior floor cleaned and coated. Interior floor and tunnel.
Anyone know where I can get these clips from for the side molding? As the car currently sits.  Exterior nearly done,  chrome work/molding remains.
I bought a 305 TPI engine and transmission from an 1985 Z-28.  
The TPI looks good and I hope to be able to get good performance and fuel mileage as well.  
Lots of room for the distributor now. I put the engine and transmission in and found there wasn't room for the HEI distributor. The 700R4 is longer than the previous TH350 so rather than move the transmission mount aft, I'm moving the engine mounts forward.
A little cutting and welding will fix this issue. Coming together nicely.
The 69 Camaro crossmember and transmission mount fit nicely. With any luck I won't have to modify the drive shaft that was in it before.
And the new glass is in. Did I mention the power windows ??

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