1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Heres a few pics of my 68 convertible.


I'm in the process of having a 383 built right
now,,,should be back on the road in about two weeks.


The BF's can ignite easily..


68CamBe4.jpg (10188 bytes)
How the car looked before the real work started.


68CamFEO.jpg (22474 bytes)
The Motor is in.



Carshow.jpg (39537 bytes)
At The Show



Hammered.jpg (40067 bytes)
On The Half Shell



newmotor.jpg (107921 bytes)
The New Motor



primetpup.jpg (60473 bytes)
Before the Real Paint.

I bought
the car two years ago and brought the shell home on a wrecker and three
truck loads of boxes with it. There was nothing in the interior and the
front clip was sitting on the side when I picked it up. The pictures I
sent were after about 18 months worth of work and $32,000 worth of parts.
I think I went a little overkill, but if a nut or bolt looked questionable,
we threw it out and ordered a correct one from D & R Automotive. I had to
buy new doors, new trunk lid, new quarters, new hood, valance and a whole
lot of body work to get it looking as nice as it is now. The hood was
replaced when we found the old hood wouldn't close with the rpm maniflod,
carb spacer, and kn filter on. Oh well,,,,what's a few hundred more
bucks.... The interior is basically all original with the exception of the
steering wheel, shifter, and console I made for the guages and cd player.
The car was originally a plain jane six cylinder with no options. I added
power steering and power brakes to make it a little more manageable to
drive. We removed the front subframe and all the suspension components and
have them sandblasted and then repainted everything black. As for the
drivetrain,,,,it had a nice 375 hp 327 out of a 68 corvette in it for the
last 1.5 years but unfortunately the motor came apart on me a few weeks ago
while driving to work. Broke three rods, toasted crank, block, bearings
etc. The only thing left on the bottom end that is good is the pistons and
rings, which I can't reuse in my new 383. The trans is a th350 built
pretty strong with a very hard hitting shift kit. It has a 10 inch, 3000
stall converter. The rear is a gm 10 bolt with auburn posi and 3.73 gears.
The new motor will be pretty killer. I decided to spend way more money on
it than I should have,,,,but what the hell. I bought a new 4 bolt block
and a steel 400 crank that has now been internally balanced. Along with
that I have new Eagle SIR I beam forged rods with keith black pistons and
sealed power gapless rings. The cam is a comp cams extreme energy with
.487 lift intake, .490 lift exhaust and 230 dur. intake and 236 dur
exhaust. It also has dart heads that are in the port shop right now and
erson roller rockers. Induction is through an edelbrock rpm manifold and
holley 650 double pumper. Exhaust is taken care of by hooker super comp
headers with hpc coating, three inch aluminized pipes, and flowmaster
mufflers. All ignition is by mallory. I have yet to be able to take the
car to the drag strip, but I am figuring I should get low 13's or maybe
high 12's which aint bad for my 4500 ft elevation here in utah. 

The 383
is in and is a real screamer.  I am waiting on a new carb to come and then
we'll see what she does on the strip.  The carb is a Holley HP Pro Series
750 double pumper.  It should be like a night and day difference from the
old holley.  I'm going to guess that it will do mid to high 12's.