1970 Dodge Challenger

car04.jpg (51341 bytes)
How it sits with the BDS blower in it.


1st run.jpg (245844 bytes)
At the track and on the gas.....

Here are some pictures of my Bad Blown 70 Challenger SE.  Its a 446 with
a BDS 8-71 stage 2 competition, and twin 850's. It hasn't made a full
qtr mile pass yet, as the tubes on the 8 3/4 twisted and bent on the
first run. Can you say DANA 60?  Anyway its a daily driver with 91
octane in the tank, 3" exhaust, Mickey pro's, and  NO overheating
problems. So far the high 10's on 91 octane are easily within reach.  I
want to pump the boost beyond the 14 lbs that it sees daily, up to 18-20
for a high 9 sec pass. I'd like to hear of any other blown mopars out
there, and I'd be glade to give more info if you drop me a note. TC




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